Shifting the customer focus

Sigvald Breivik, Technical Director at Norled, has enjoyed a fruitful history with Wärtsilä. The two companies have been collaborating for around three years, with a number of joint innovation projects centred upon Norled’s ferries operating from Stord.

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“Our latest project is an autodocking system,” he explains, “where you can dock the ferry without any operator controlling it. As we see it in Norled, the dominant trend in marine is the increasing focus on CO2 emissions and the shift in energy sources from fossil fuels to biofuel and electric systems.” 

He sees the customer-supplier relationship as almost symbiotic in its workings: “I think the cooperation between Norled and Wärtsilä has benefited not only Norled but also Wärtsilä – Wärtsilä has been in a position to test out their innovations on a ferry which has been in operation 24 hours a day, and we at Norled have learned a lot too. We see Wärtsilä as a company placing a great deal of emphasis on new and innovative approaches to the industry’s challenges.” 

“A mutually beneficial partnership.” 

Autodocking is one of the first steps in fully autonomous shipping. Wärtsilä’s autodocking technology delivers notable benefits to operators. These include: 

  • Improved safety  
  • Less wear and tear
  • Greater efficiency in docking 


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