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Wärtsilä Operational Support service

The Operational Support service is your hotline to top experts

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How to get a hotline to top experts – at any time 

The Operational Support service means that you will have a personal hotline to Wärtsilä experts. Whenever you need help - day or night - a dedicated expert in a Wärtsilä Expertise Centre will be available for remote support.  

This expert can investigate issues together with your crew and give guidance, advice, and recommendations. When issues are resolved quickly and over a remote connection, you will avoid calling in an unscheduled maintenance visit.


And issues are being resolved


of cases are solved within one day.


of issues are solved over a remote connection.

Getting the issues resolved quickly maximises your vessel uptime – and this ensures smooth operations for you.

Add a virtual member to your crew 

The global network of Wärtsilä Expertise Centres provides remote support whenever needed. The experts are at your service to help you with technical questions and operational issues. You can contact them via phone, e-mail, or Wärtsilä Online.  

A cyber secure connectivity makes it possible for the experts to open a real-time, remote connection to your vessel’s operator interface. The experts can collaborate with your crew, for example using chat and screen sharing. Your crew will not be left alone if the unexpected should happen.

Key benefits

  • You will get answers to your technical and operational questions more quickly
  • Whenever you need help - day or night - you can get remote support from an expert
  • The vessel will be more reliable and available 
  • The service will reduce unscheduled downtime
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How to get started with Operational Support

Remote operational support is available as part of service agreements for vessels powered by the Wärtsilä 4-stroke, 2-stroke engines and hybrid solutions.

Operational Support is delivered globally through Wärtsilä Expertise Centres, where experts are available round-the-clock, safeguarding the reliability of your vessel.

The recommendation is that you choose both the Operational Support service and the Expert Insight service. You will then enjoy the benefits of continuous monitoring of your vessel’s operating data and expert recommendations for proactive maintenance. 

The global network of Expertise Centres on the map

Wärtsilä Expertise Centres global footprint map

How Operational Support Works in real life  

Remote support helps solve the issue causing a drop in engine load for an LNG carrier. 

Problem identification

The chief engineer onboard an LNG carrier contacts a Wärtsilä Expertise Centre to get help to deal with a degassing valve. It keeps opening intermittently during engine operation, and this reduces the engine load by 50%.

Real-time troubleshooting

The expert at the Expertise Centre analyses the situation and quickly identifies the root cause: the exhaust waste gate has a malfunction. The expert instructs the onboard crew on how to inspect and replace the waste gate assembly.

Problem solving

When the new waste gate is in place, the running load of the engine returns to its normal level.

The issue onboard a LNG carrier took only a few hours to solve – completely over a remote connection. 

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Wärtsilä’s digital remote support capabilities have proved to be of great value for us, saving both time and costs by often eliminating the need to have service people sent onboard in person.

Øistein Dahl, Managing Director of Golar Management Norway

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