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Don’t ignore the threat

A general lack of awareness, coupled with the adoption and use of new communication technologies and embedded ship software, is contributing to an increase in the threat of cyber-security attacks in the marine industry. The vast majority of these are conducted by means of phishing and social engineering techniques. In fact, most cyber security incidents are caused by human error. Ignorance in this regard can compromise a vessel’s information and operational technology with potentially disastrous consequences.

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Did you know that almost all cyber security incidents are caused by human error?”

Raise awareness

A well-trained crew can help detect warning signs and stop attempts well before they occur. This is why it is very important that the entire marine industry actively promotes awareness to their crews, shore employees, and service providers.

Staff training is key to ensuring and maintaining a good level of cyber-resilience. Companies should train and test their employees awareness regularly. Employees are potentially the weakest link, so a solid understanding of the consequences of a cyber-attack to their company’s reputation, at the very least, is critical.

It is not only important to train your own staff to secure your assets. If you want to operate in a secure environment then it is equally important to ensure that all your service providers and sub-suppliers, who have access to vessel systems and sensitive information, are equally aware of the threat of cyber-attacks.


Train your staff

Set up regular cyber-security training programmes to increase the awareness of employees. Make sure the topics you address include:

  • The consequences of a cyber-attack to the company
  • Examples of real incidents and marine specific cyber risks
  • Malware awareness and protection
  • Phishing and social engineering
  • Insider threats
  • Mobile devices and removable media usage
  • Passwords
  • User and admin rights
  • Lock screens and screen savers
  • Security when travelling with corporate notebooks and mobile phones
  • Company acceptable and responsible internet usage and social media habits
  • Private use of internet and cloud services
  • Use of personal devices (BYOD) and policies
  • Email attachments and links
  • Practical DO’s and DONT’s in cyber space

How we can help

Our Wärtsilä service engineers are highly knowledgeable on cyber security. They undergo mandatory information security training programmes, as well as specific awareness programs on cyber risks related to industrial control systems and work duties in the field.

Your staff may be your weakest link, but they are also your most important asset against cyber-threats.

Get your team up to speed and develop your first line of defence. Empower them to detect attacks and protect your assets.

We have specifically developed internal training programmes so that we can provide your teams with the knowledge necessary to detect and respond to threats, identify dangers, and develop your defence mechanism.

A well-trained crew can help detect warning signs and prevent incidents well before they occur.”

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