Wärtsilä generator bearings
Wärtsilä generator bearings are self-aligning with cast-iron housings


The generator bearings can be tested in a testing workbench especially designed and built for these bearings, allowing testing of any type and size of bearing under any speed and load conditions.

The Wärtsilä Generator Bearings are self-aligning with cast-iron housings, and centrifugally cast tin-based white metal bearing surfaces. They can all be fitted with systems to remotely monitor temperature and oil flow. Depending on the intended installation, the bearings can be altered to support both axial and radial loads.

All bearing designs offer a variety of lubrication and cooling options to ensure they are appropriately prepared for the intended application. The range includes generator bearings which are designed according to a. DIN 31690 (which is adapted for fixing to a platform), b. DIN 31693 (which has a laterally positioned flange) and c. DIN 31694 (which has a flange in the middle of the bearing).


  • Special cast housings for more stiffness
  • Heating and/or cooling solutions
  • IP protection grades up to IP56
  • Electrically insulated
  • Preparation for vibration sensors
  • Hydrostatic jacking
  • ATEX certification
Shaft sizes ø80 to ø800 mm (depending on the application)
Executions Axial or Radial or Axial + Radial
Optional extras To suit application
    Generator bearing type GM
    Flange bearing bolted to the side of the machine for a more compact design and without necessary stand support.
    Generator bearing type GP
    Stand-alone bearing solution externally supporting the machine’s shaft line. Due to the higher stiffness, these bearings are a common choice on moving installations and/or for conditions with higher vibrations and shock loads. Common is also a choice of GGG40 or steel casting for the housing to improve the stiffness in support of higher axial loads.
    Generator bearing type GM
    This is Wärtsilä’s most compact design with the flange moved towards the middle of the bearing and bolted to the machine side. This only “half external” bearing is commonly used for very compact machines to reduce the lateral outside dimensions.

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