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Wärtsilä’s Puregas CA process recovers over 99.9% of the biomethane present in raw biogas by separating CO2 from the biogas through chemical adsorption. The selective organic solvents used are so efficient that the product gas also is highly suitable for direct injection into the gas grid without any enrichments. Together with the low need for gas pre-treatment, high availability and lowest power consumption the Puregas CA process provides plant owners higher project profitability. It’s even possible to capture the CO2 from the plant for industrial or food purposes, increasing revenue further.

    Technical data

    • Power consumption <0.11 kWh/Nm3 biogas
    • >90% heat recovery (Anaerobic digestion plant, feedstock hygenisation etc.)
    • Designed for unmanned operation
    • Plant delivered in Factory Tested (FAT) and weatherproof modules, no extra housing needed
    • Methane recovery >99.9%
    • Availability >98%
    • Clean CO2 off-gas stream – suitable for upgrading to industrial or food purposes
    • Capacities in single plant layout range from 500 to 6,000 Nm3/h raw biogas
    • Delivery time to site is 8 to 11 months from order to operation


    Our Puregas plant is used to upgrade biogas for:

    • Grid injection of renewable natural gas to the natural gas grid, providing gas to heating or industrial use
    • Compression into CBG/CNG/RNG, providing renewable gaseous vehicle fuel
    • Feeding to a liquefaction unit producing bioLNG/LBG for renewable liquid transport fuel


    Key benefits

    • Well proven technology with multiple references
    • Highest methane recovery > 99.9% (methane slip <0.1%)
    • Lowest electricity consumption and operational costs (OPEX)
    • Short installation time at site
    • Heat recovery to anaerobic digestion plants
    • Robust process with minimal need for gas pre-treatment
    • No need for RTO treatment of the off-gas
    • No or minimal need for adding enrichments (propane) for grid injection
    • Clean CO2 gas for further treatment and revenue
    • Designed with a module-based plug and play philosophy – making relocation possible


    Introduction to the efficient future of biogas upgrading

    Case studies

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