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Provide solutions for biogas upgrading and liquefaction

Wärtsilä’s energy-efficient mixed refrigerant (MR) liquefaction technology is ideal for liquefaction of upgraded biogas and low-capacity natural gas liquefaction. Our fast-track engineering model, combined with the MR technology, result in low investment costs and short manufacturing time.

In our MR-based liquefier system, one single compressor and one aluminum plate-fin heat exchanger are the main components. A standard chiller is incorporated to improve energy efficiency and to ensure stable operation of the MR process.

    Technical data

    • Complete plant delivery including storage tank and export filling station to trucks
    • Standard capacities: 6, 10, 17, 25 and 50 tons/day
    • Low energy (power) consumption: <0.65 kWh/kg LNG 
    • Produces bioLNG/LBG/LNG at – 160 C
    • Designed for unmanned operation
    • Plant delivered in factory tested (FAT) and weatherproof modules, no extra housing needed
    • Compact footprint: 15 x 15 m2 (excluding bioLNG tank and filling station)
    • Built with standard and robust components
    • Availability >98%
    • Delivery time: 11 months from order to operation
    Mini scale Liquefaction


    The plant is ideal for production of bioLNG/LBG to be used as renewable fuel for:

    • Heavy vehicles (buses, trucks, ships etc.)
    • Power production
    • Industrial processes (steel, chemical etc.)


    EGE Plant

    Key benefits

    • Well proven with multiple references
    • Low power consumption – low OPEX
    • Produce bioLNG of industrial quality at -160 C that can share infrastructure with (fossil) LNG
    • All components are conventional and of robust technology – reducing CAPEX
    • Designed for unmanned operation
    • Local control of bioLNG export - truck driver can load without assistance from main control room
    • Simple energy supply, only electric power source needed
    • Easy start up and shut down of all systems
    • Short delivery time
    • Plug and play philosophy, module based - relocation possible.

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