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Gas Solutions is a market leader with innovative systems and lifecycle solutions for the gas value chain. Our main focus areas are handling of gas in seaborne transport (storage, fuel, transfer and BOG management), gas to power, liquefaction and biogas solutions. We help our customers on the journey towards a sustainable future through focus on lifecycle, innovation and digitalization.


Wärtsilä Compact Reliq™ -
BOG Reliquefaction in a nutshell

Wärtsilä introduces the new Compact Reliq Unit, based on proven Brayton technology.
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Total lifecycle solutions for your gas plant

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    Entire value chain of energy and gas

    This is a design revolution

    Don't be afraid of introducing LNG to your fleet

    Fueling change with innovation

    Inert gas for gas carriers

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    Path to IMO 2050 and
    the role of LNG as a marine fuel

    6 August 2020

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    Fuelling the future

    18 June 2020

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    The potential of bioLNG
    for the maritime industry

    7 April 2020

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    Knutsen OAS banner
    Two new shuttle tankers for the KNOT Group
    will feature Wärtsilä’s VOC Recovery and LNG fuel systems to lower their emissions of CO2
    Wärtsilä LNG Cargo System reference banner
    Wärtsilä’s LNG Cargo Handling System
    for a new 5400 m3 LNG bunker barge
    Nusantara Regas Satu FSRU
    Wärtsilä supplied a liquefied natural gas regasification system
    JS INEOS Insight
    This multigas carrier features a comprehensive
    Wärtsilä solutions package
    Tornio Manga LNG Terminal
    Wärtsilä’s turnkey delivery of the terminal includes complete unloading, storing and regasification equipment for LNG
    EGE Biogass
    Wärtsilä Biogas Liquefaction Plant
    Compact Reliq for Knutsen LNG carriers
    BOG reliquefaction simplified with the new Compact Reliq
    Technical and remote support for Teekay vessels
    Eight LNG Carrier vessels owned by the global Teekay Group are now covered by 5-year Wärtsilä LNG Support agreements
    Specialised cargo handling system design for VLEC
    Four new 98,000 cbm Very Large Ethane Carriers under construction in South Korea
    BW LPG ships retrofitted with LPG Fuel Supply System
    Wärtsilä LPG Fuel Supply System (LFSS) retrofitted to BW LPG’s very large gas carrier (VLGC) vessels

    Gas value chain


    Wärtsilä sees wider interest in VOC...

    WGS have since the beginning of the 2000’s delivered VOC recovery plant to the Norwegian sector of the...
    17 September 2021
    • LNG
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    The time to act for a sustainable maritime...

    Reetta Kaila, Technology & Development Manager, Renewable Gases, Wärtsilä Marine, says the journey towards...
    19 May 2021
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    Lubricating the gas value chain - Wärtsilä...

    The technology behind Inert Gas Systems (IGS) is mature and well-proven, and Wärtsilä has long been a...
    4 May 2021
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    BOG reliquefaction takes another step...

    The Compact Reliq is next-generation technology designed and built with all the experience and in-house...
    21 April 2021
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    Grasping the potential

    Kjell Ove Ulstein and Per Helge Madsen, Wärtsilä Gas Solutions, AS, Norway, review the latest trends...
    11 December 2020
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    Retrofit highlights use of LPG as a...

    The world’s first LPG-fuelled vessel has set sail. Powered with Wärtsilä’s customised and reliable Fuel...
    12 November 2020
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    Gas Solutions Sales Team

    Kjell Ove Ulstein bw

    Kjell Ove Ulstein
    Director Sales & Marketing

    Stein Thoresen sw

    Stein Thoresen
    Head of Sales

    Reidar Strande sw

    Reidar Strande
    General Manager –
    Business Development & Special Projects

    Rune Knott bw

    Rune Knott
    General Manager – Sales

    Knut Erik Heggem bw

    Knut Erik Heggem
    Sales Manager –
    Cargo Handling Systems

    Pål Steinnes bw

    Pål Steinnes
    Sales Manager –
    Liquefaction and BOG Reliquefaction

    Per Helge Madsen sw

    Per Helge Madsen
    Sales Manager –
    Regasification Systems

    Hans Jakob Buvarp sw

    Hans Jakob Buvarp
    Sales Manager –
    VOC Systems

    Lasse Wichstrøm sw

    Lasse Bergerud-Wichstrøm
    Sales Manager – Liquefaction and BOG Reliquefaction

    Harald Øverland sw

    Harald Øverland
    Sales Manager – Small Scale and LNG Bunkering Systems 

    Terje Steingrimsen sw

    Terje Steingrimsen
    Sales Manager –
    Inert Gas Systems


    Jaechul Ha
    Sales Manager –
    Inert Gas Systems

    Magnus Folkelid sw

    Magnus Folkelid
    Global Sales Manager – Biogas Solutions

    Barry Yang sw

    Barry Yang
    General Manager –
    Sales China

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