Wärtsilä Direct Electric Heating

DEH is a cost efficient and environmentally sustainable flow assurance method that replaces the use of chemicals.

The presence of wax and hydrates in subsea flow lines is a major concern in the offshore industry. Wärtsilä DEH is based on using the thermally insulated flow line as part of the electric circuit, and allowing the electrical losses to heat the contents of the pipe.

Direct Electric Heating is today a mature technology that has been used for 14–15 years in Norwegian and West African installations. Wärtsilä has participated in the development of Wärtsilä DEH since the nineties, and today undertakes the design and supply of the complete topside Wärtsilä Direct Electric Heating package.

Wärtsilä Direct Electric Heating has been used for flow lines of up to 42 km, and with a power requirement of up to 12 MW.

    Wärtsilä topside DEH package
    The topside package comprises tailor made medium voltage components that control the current in the flow line, convert the load from single phase to a symmetrical 3-phase load, and compensate for the low power factor. Wärtsilä delivers electric and optic protection and control packages that have been specially developed for Wärtsilä DEH. The Wärtsilä Direct Electric Heating package can be installed in suitable indoor locations, or in outdoor locations within a steel or aluminium module with HVAC or water cooling. Wärtsilä DEH deliveries always include a special power system analysis to ensure its integrity with the platform system.

    Scope of supply

    Wärtsilä has been part of the DEH development in Norway since the nineties and we can provide:

    • FEED Studies (Front End Engineering & DesignKey Benefits)
    • Topside system design to meet subsea power requirement
    • Power system analysis
    • Tailor made Topside package
    • Project execution
    • Pre-commissioning/commissioning and start up assistance

    With the DEH system, asset owners will :

    • Reduce CAPEXand OPEX
    • Have an environmentally sound flow assurance tool
    • Reduce or remove need of “anti-freeze” chemicals and belonging infrastructure/piping and storage
    • Enable single flow line without circulation possibilities
    • Enable marginal field to be profitable even if DEH is required continuously
    • Extend the lifetime of the field by managing water cut during tail production
    • Increase process plant efficiency through increased arrival temperature and remove/reduce requirement for removal of solvent during start up

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