Aquarius® EC

Wärtsilä's Aquarius EC Ballast Water Management System (BWMS) provides a robust solution for the treatment of ballast water using a simple two stage process comprising of filtration and electro chlorination (EC) dosing, across the full range of ship operating and environmental conditions.

The system is easy to integrate, operate and maintain while being type approved to the latest IMO and USCG regulations. It is available in for installation in both engine room and hazardous areas on tankers as an EX version.

Wärtsilä Water & Waste works in close cooperation with its customers. Our BWMS partnership program covers all stages, from fleet evaluation to lifecycle support. Wärtsilä’s tailored turnkey solutions help minimize your environmental footprint, improve operational efficiency and comply to IMO and USCG standards.

    Technology choice
    System Capacity (m3/h) Total Installed power (kW)
    Installed / Nominal
    AQ-550-EC 55 - 550 38 / 33
    AQ-1200-EC 120 - 1200 75 / 65
    AQ-1650-EC 165 - 1650 104 / 90
    AQ-2500-EC 250 - 2500 161 / 140
    AQ-3300-EC 330 - 3300 202 / 174
    AQ-4000-EC  400 - 4000  245 /211

    Pressure drop
    Normal operation: 0.3 barg
    Backwash set point: 0.8 barg

    IMO Type Approved
    BWMS Aquarius EC TA certificate
    USCG Type Approved
    BWMS Aquarius EC AMS approval
    Ex Certified

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