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Wärtsilä BWMS – The Concept for Fleet Services

The Ballast Water Management Convention developed by the IMO came into effect on September 8, 2017. This convention concerns ships over 400 GRT and will affect approximately 34,000 vessels globally.

Choosing the right BWMS system is a huge and complex investment decision for owners, operators or managers of medium to large shipping fleets. In today’s market, there are already more than 60 competing systems available. However, Wärtsilä is the only marine solution provider that is able to offer Ballast Water Management Systems with full OEM lifecycle support and global coverage.

We guide you all the way

Wärtsilä’s approach from the beginning has been to partner up with our customers. We help to choose the right technology, make sure that the system is robust enough to fulfil the regulations and offer global service support for maintenance. We work with you from the very first enquiry, right through to the successful delivery and installation of the system. Our six steps to compliance will guide you in your planning.

Thanks to our experience and knowledge on ships and marine engineering - and our successes in supporting key operators in the BWMS market - we understand the environment in which the system is going to be installed. The focus is on compliance as well as ensuring peace of mind.


Your partner for fleetwide BWMS

A partnership with Wärtsilä when choosing the right BWMS for your vessels brings several potential savings and benefits:

  • A single supplier irons out and reduces the design and integration process across a fleet – time and resources can be saved on procurement, surveying, installation, and commissioning.
  • Savings on spare parts, due to commonality across the fleet and the ability to agree to master service agreements, reduces downtime.
  • By entrusting your fleet to Wärtsilä, you are guaranteed that our extensive global availability of services will reduce any potential downtime risks.
  • With our technical assessment of a BWMS for your specific vessel, recommendations can be made on what you should consider during the installation (for example, potential equipment locations, installation paths, electrical cabinet locations).

The range of the Wärtsilä Aquarius® Ballast Water Management System (BWMS) includes two product series, specifically developed to enable you to meet the global ballast water discharge regulatory requirements. There are two technical solutions available, one based on filter UV technology and the other on filter side stream electro-chlorination (EC). Both systems have achieved IMO type approval status and both have been AMS accepted by the USCG.

In terms of cost and efficiency, we believe that a single supplier is beneficial to the ship owner. This is because Wärtsilä’s global service network guarantees support worldwide, mitigating potential risks associated with vessel downtime. BWMS systems - designed with robustness and redundancy to ensure compliance - provide your ships with a global passport to trade.

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