Wärtsilä Model wizard

Wärtsilä Model wizard powerfully produces and updates integrated databases, making it possible to create simulation areas for anywhere in the world and automatically present them perfectly. Wärtsilä Model wizard develops the following data sets:

  • the set of vector electronic charts
  • terrain and depths database
  • radar database
  • visual database
  • models of water flows distribution


    Model Wizard is a multi-functional development toolkit, designed for the development and modification of high-quality marine simulation area databases and ship models, for use in both marine simulators, and other applications which use the Seagull visualisation system.


    • Automated generation of basic 3D terrain and subsea model, based on information from Electronic Navigational Charts
    • Navigational aids are automatically generated from data embedded in the same electronic navigational charts
    • Simulation areas can be created for any area in the world
    • No 3D modeling skills are required for a developer when constructing basic level navigational areas

    Editing and creation of sailing areas

    • Basic scenes can be easily generated from a user selected charts set
    • Coastline configuration, such as mooring walls and embankments, can be created easily and realistically
    • The terrain model is generated automatically based on elevation data included in the electronic navigational chart or DEM data loaded by the user
    • The radar scene is created automatically based on the 3D terrain model and chart data
    • The generated scene can be supplemented with 3D models (prototypes) from the object library and any objects created using Model Wizard

    Editing a model

    • The user can create geometry and textures, can assign visual behaviour logic and properties for a ship model or an exercise area 3D object
    • The Virtual Shipyard (VSY) is used for development and editing of ships motion, engine and propulsion models, as well as controlling and documenting the results

    Scene Editor

    • Automated Creation of Navigation Areas
    • Scene Editor automatically selects the most important chart data for the area from the available charts set and integrates them into the spatial database data field
    • Automated 3D Model Construction
    • A handy interface is designed as a stylized electronic chart editor to make 3D simulations area creation and editing feasible and simpler
    • 3D landscape models generation, both terrain and seabed
    • Automated generation of the sailing area radar image database
    • Automated generation of output electronic charts for the sailing area

    Visual Model Editor

    • Creation of 3D objects for simulation areas
    • The visual components of a ship model are created or modified using the same tools and user interfaces as those used for area object creation
    • Convenient adjustment of object behavior logic, such as detailization and reaction to illumination conditions
    • Convenient adjustment of the visual ship model parameters, such as signal states, radars’ properties and so on
    The Model Wizard is equipped with extensive libraries of standard 3D objects and textures.



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