Wärtsilä Naval Applications

The NTPRO 5000 navigational simulator’s naval applications provide realistic and cost-effective procedural and operational simulation training for:

  • Fleet Formation Management
  • Underway replenishment
  • Lifeboat launching and recovery operations
  • Search and rescue scenarios
  • Anti-piracy training
  • Deck helicopter operations
  • Weapon application scenarios
  • Complex integrated solutions
  • Communications 

    • Security of confidential data: a wide range of software and database editing tools for local product customization (ship motion model, weapon characteristic, 3D prototype and rapid exercise area development);
    • Customizable HLA interface module for interoperability, compliant with the IEEE1516.x family of standards and utilizing DLC API;
    • State-of-the-art computer graphics, providing a highly realistic marine environment model, scenario objects and special effects for correct situational awareness training, as well as tactical, combat and communications exercises;
    • Precise modeling of related hydrodynamic effects and mechanical forces;
    • Capability to simulate various types of naval weapons, including guns, missiles, torpedoes and mines;
    • Various platforms can be provided to meet the client’s needs, including the option of customized weapons provision;
    • Instructor station with extended functionality to create, control and analyze exercises.
    Networked class
    • Interactive group exercises under instructor supervision.
    Full mission simulator
    • Final training and certification;
    • Personnel are trained and qualified prior to taking their positions onboard.
    Integrated multi-system configuration

    The simulator can be integrated via a multi-system configuration to provide additional exercise capabilities:

    • Total Warship trainer;
    • Joint force operation scenarios;
    • Force-on-force training;
    • Distributed mission simulator.

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