Wärtsilä Pilot Management Solutions

Pilot Management Solutions enable efficient interaction between Pilots, Port Authorities and Ship Traffic Control systems.

Pilotage is a complex process requiring well-coordinated actions, prompt data exchange and complete situational awareness to ensure safety in confined port waters.

The Pilot PRO application has been developed specifically to meet the needs of pilot organizations and marine professionals. With a carefully considered range of support functions, the system is designed to assist pilots and other marine professionals in their daily routine, helping them to maintain efficient pilotage and other onboard operations.

    Key features
    • Light-weight and user-friendly PPU enables freedom and mobility on the bridge
    • Situational awareness via onboard sensors over AIS Pilot Plug
    • Pilot specific functions and powerful tools provide onboard decision support 
    • Common operational picture through information exchange between VTS and other services
    • Data logging and recording for incidents investigation
    • Coordination of pilotage operations increases efficiency and enhances communications between all port services
    • Automated reporting reduces the amount of VHF communications and administrative burden
    • Navigational information through the use of official, local, and bathymetric data
    • Improved safety of pilotage through the use of high-precision Independent PPU sensors can be used for deep-sea, channel, harbour and river pilotage
    • Intended for Navigation, Docking and Mooring operations
    • Support interfacing to AIS Pilot Plug and Independent PPU sensors
    • S-63, S-57 and TX-97 ENC charts and updates
    • Pilot Specific Features:
      - Own ship Predictor
      - Customized Fender lines
      - Auto-Distances feature
      - Docking and Conning modes
      - Fore-and-Aft speed vectors
    • Ready for e-Nav integration with VTS and Pilot Management systems
    • Virtual Boarding, Advanced Data Logging, and Playback for situation awareness and training capabilities
    • Multi-Language support

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