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Lifecycle solutions - Service agreements for the marine industry

Wärtsilä Lifecycle solutions optimise the efficiency and performance of your marine assets. We predict your maintenance needs, ensure your assets operate in the most energy-efficient way and ensure that your vessel operates in accordance with all relevant regulations. But our holistic approach goes beyond maintenance and operations: we combine digital innovations and advanced data to help match activities to your operations. Our performance targets are agreed based on measured data and then guaranteed to be reached and maintained.

Wärtsilä Lifecycle solutions enhance asset performance and support business growth



Guaranteed asset performance

The Wärtsilä Guaranteed asset performance is a solution that provides guaranteed operational reliability. This means that performance targets are determined based on measured data, and Wärtsilä guarantees that these targets are reached and maintained. Measurable indicators can include, for example, availability, reliability and fuel consumption. The agreed targets are reached through automated key performance measurements, optimised maintenance and remote advisory. With remote advisory, you can get real-time support regardless of your location, and the remote service is complemented with on-board advisory. Condition monitoring and audits, together with a performance improvement plan, increase availability and reliability.
Customer benefits:
  • Guaranteed operational reliability and uptime
  • Savings in operational costs thanks to improved and maintained ship efficiency
  • Maximised uptime through optimised maintenance and remote support
  • Performance improvement plan
  • Maintenance cost guarantee
  • Long-term cost predictability and shared goals

Optimised operations

The Wärtsilä Optimised operations lifecycle solution ensures your marine and offshore assets operate energy efficiently and that your Ship energy efficiency management plan (SEEMP) measures are in compliance with MARPOL regulation.

Optimised operations offers real-time monitoring and advisory services that maximise efficiency. The solution provides a ship energy efficiency management plan that follows the IMO guidelines. On-board advisory service such as hull performance, engine efficiency or condition monitoring, combined with vessel audits and component condition evaluation, helps identify areas in which performance can be enhanced. Ongoing evaluation and system efficiency upgrades lead to continuous improvement.

Customer benefits:
  • Optimised energy efficiency
  • Real-time advisory services
  • Long-term cost predictability and shared goals
  • Performance improvement plan
  • Maximised uptime through optimised maintenance and remote support
  • SEEMP in compliance with MARPOL regulations
  • Global and local co-ordination through network companies with workshops and skilled service experts
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Optimised maintenance

The Wärtsilä Optimised maintenance lifecycle solution optimises maintenance intervals utilising its Dynamic maintenance planning (DMPTM) concept. 

The solution enables  planning and scheduling maintenance procedures to suit your business operations, improving long-term cost predictability and uptime. Optimised Maintenance services offer remote operational and technical advisory, whenever and wherever needed. Optimised maintenance is a proven way of preventing the unexpected and optimising an installation’s availability throughout its entire lifecycle.

Customer benefits:
  • Maintenance cost and service level assurance
  • Long-term cost predictability and shared goals
  • Maximised uptime through optimised maintenance
  • Remote operational and technical support
  • Scheduled work and parts included
  • Global and local co-ordination through network companies with workshops and skilled service experts
  • OEM spare parts and consumables

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Wärtsilä Expertise centres

Wärtsilä Expertise centres around the world support customers who have a Wärtsilä lifecycle solution with advice and recommendations based on analysis of condition and performance monitoring data. They are the contact point through which power plant owners and operators receive support in the day-to-day operation of their power plants as well as in unforeseen situations. They also identify improvement possibilities and communicate these to the customers. Expertise centres enable a holistic view of power plant operations and through performance guarantees create value for customers.

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