connectivity and transparence to the navigational infrastructure

Wärtsilä e-Navigation by Transas

Wärtsilä e-Navigation solutions bring connectivity and transparency to the navigational infrastructure, combining Bridge, Data management, Data services, Decision support tools, and access to real-time information.

What if your ECDIS was connected? Your ECDIS could then:
  • Carry out full route planning based on the world’s up-to-date navigational charts, giving you a route that is definitely safe to sail
  • Conduct a full route optimization taking into account weather, currents, and vessel-specific power demand and consumption
  • Download and use all needed navigational charts and other data needed for the selected route.
  • Prepare an automated voyage plan, while still giving the officers the opportunity to fine tune the route when needed
  • Maintain an optimized route whilst under voyage
  • Share the route/voyage with other stakeholders
  • Support the ECDIS system by our Fleet Operations Support team – remotely

Voyage Planning and Routing

Wärtsilä Navi-Planner - integrated solution for all aspects of route planning, optimization and monitoring
With the new Voyage Planning tool running on MNS35, we combine the advantages of Connected ECDIS and automated data delivery in a simple and fast Voyage Planning tool. It follows a clear step-by-step approach to initial route planning (from port to port), optimizes the route using weather data, downloads the navigational data, fine tunes the route on the waypoint and leg level, whilst keeping the master in full control of the planning. The best way to appreciate the value is to ask for a demo.
  • Automatic shortest navigation route calculation based on the specific ship’s dimensions, hydrodynamics, 3D global bathymetry, navigation info, and restricted area and customer defined add-on parameters. It is also applicable for rivers and channels
  • Collaborative platform providing the Fleet operator and OOW with the capability to efficiently create and amend the planned route, along with fleet route database storage and benchmarking
  • Real-time route performance monitoring and anomaly detection for the Fleet operator
  • ECDIS integration: route exchange, delivery of chart and digital services ordered by the route 
  • Safety check and Voyage plan documentation. Voyage Plan templates and forms are based on user needs

Download Navi-Planner


  • Addresses complete routing needs in one service
  • Up to 5–7% savings in fuel
  • Automated fastest and safest route generation and update
  • Improves safety and fleet operator’s situational awareness
  • Reduces bridge crew workload and eliminates human error

Automated Navigational Data Delivery

Connected ECDIS allows secure navigational date delivery, such as ENC, ADP & ENP and weather information to your ship, triggered by the route planning system. Not only is this much safer than downloading from a server and passing to the ECDIS via physical media, it is faster, transparent, managed by the route planning tool, and integrated within the ECDIS itself.

Another big advantage is that you no longer need to worry about charts, pricing and licenses. Within Fleet Operations Solutions the purchase processes of charts, logistics, approvals and budgets are eliminated. The use of charts is embedded within the service. This also includes weather services.

Data Delivery

Secure data delivery via connected ECDIS 

Secure data sharing

Tracking and Navigational Awareness

Centralised access to the voyage data, ship-to-shore communication in real time, and reporting on fleet performance KPIs, allow for transparent processes and enhanced situational awareness regarding navigational hazards.

The shore part of the solution can be accessed via a web interface, or on tablets and smartphones, as well as deployed on a local data centre at the customer’s office. On the bridge, crews access ECDIS, Radar and our planning station with the FOS interface.


  • Ship track & route including play-back and play-ahead
  • Various chart backgrounds and overlays (weather, zones, etc)
  • Zones management and notifications (e.g. MARPOL, ECAs, risk, etc.)
  • Navigational notifications of safety relevant issues
  • Ship/shore commenting of notifications/issues
Tracking and awareness

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