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Propulsion efficiency

Live Talk

Propulsion efficiency

How do propulsion systems impact a vessel's overall energy efficiency? How can ship owners and operators improve propulsion efficiency? Wärtsilä's Tamara de Gruyter and Tim Cales discuss these topics and our latest energy saving device Wärtsilä EnergoFlow at the Live Talk.



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Tamara de Gruyter

Vice President, Propulsion system services, Wärtsilä

Tamara, VP Propulsion Systems Services, has been working with propulsion systems since 1996. Since then, she has gone on to lead Wärtsilä factories and joint ventures in China and Singapore. Her ambition is to develop innovative propulsion systems and fuel saving opportunities for all our customers.


Tim Cales

Project Engineer Hydrodynamics, Wärtsilä

Tim is a hydrodynamicist within Wärtsilä's Propulsion System Services team. The team supports customers providing consultancy, designing propeller modifications and creating entirely new blade designs or energy-saving devices which improve the overall efficiency of customers' fleet.


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