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Wärtsilä becomes the first manufacturer to expand its warranty for stern tube bearings in water lubricated applications to 25 years

New 25 Year Warranty Available From March 2017

23 March 2017
Propeller shaft bearings are some of the most critical components that can affect a vessel’s performance. To ensure their good condition during the entire lifecycle of a vessel, Wärtsilä is expanding its warranty for stern tube bearings in water lubricated applications from the current 16 years to no less than 25 years – making it by far the longest warranty period in the market.
The warranty, available from March 2017 onwards as part of a complete Wärtsilä water lubricated system, is granted to any commercial vessel using Wärtsilä Envirosafe water lubricated stern tube solutions. Typical customers are ocean-going vessels such as the cruise and ferry segment as well as bigger merchant vessels such as bulk carriers, especially those operating in areas that have strict environmental regulations. The warranty is predominantly targeted at new builds but it is also available for upgrades and retrofit installations.
Increased visibility and real-time condition monitoring enable the extension of warranty

During the past years, Wärtsilä Seals & Bearings has expanded its scope of supply significantly. “We can now offer complete stern tubes, shaft alignment and portable condition measurement systems that can carry out health checks of equipment while the vessel is in operation. And most importantly, we are now able to monitor the performance and condition of shaft bearings and seals in real time,” says Benjamin Tornberg, Segment Sales Manager from Wärtsilä Seals & Bearings. “This gives us visibility to the actual condition of the equipment, increases predictability and helps us to prevent incidents. All this makes us confident to expand our warranty period for our stern tube bearings in water lubricated applications to 25 years,” Tornberg continues.

Legislation, reliability and total lifecycle costs drive increased demand for water lubrication

So far, water lubricated stern tubes have been used extensively by naval vessels because of the reliability of water lubrication and to avoid possible traces left by oil leakages. Today, there is a revived interest in water lubrication in other sectors such as cruise and ferry and merchant shipping, as well.

One of the reasons behind this trend is the smaller risk of operational failures. Lower operational costs over the lifecycle of the vessel due to the water lubrication are also an important factor. In addition, tightening environmental legislation is making ship owners and operators more likely to select water lubricated solutions.

“Wärtsilä has been providing water lubricated solutions for almost 50 years. Our water lubricated products have been developed to reduce risks and operational costs, and to ensure that our customers are prepared for the future, which may hold stricter environmental legislation,” says Tornberg. “Shipping is becoming a greener industry. We want to provide reliable and robust solutions that help our customers to take the leap of faith into an even more environmentally friendly direction. The extension of our warranty shows that we believe in our technology and we want to ease our customers’ inevitable transition into water lubrication,” Tornberg concludes.

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