The value of Lifecycle Solutions

What if you could predict and prevent problems before they happen?

Take predictive maintenance to the next level with Wärtsilä Expert Insight

Digitalisation and data offer great opportunities to improve the reliability of your marine assets. With the combination of the right tools, expertise and data you can identify anomalies early and react to potential problems more quickly.

The Expert Insight service uses artificial intelligence and advanced diagnostics to take predictive maintenance to the next level. Expert Insight is available as part of the Wärtsilä Optimised Maintenance or Guaranteed Asset Performance lifecycle solutions.

Wärtsilä Expert Insight predictive maintenance service as part of the Wärtsilä Lifecycle Solutions
The service provides our crews with invaluable support and our organisation with the peace of mind that our assets are protected by the very best in maritime engineering technologies and expertise. 
Martin Steffensen, Fleet Manager, Altera Infrastructure

Enhanced reliability through early detection

The combination of Expert Insight and operational support from Wärtsilä experts can help to cut unplanned downtime by between 30 and 50%  according to our estimates. Our cutting-edge AI model and advanced rule-based diagnostics allow us to detect minor problems before they become major issues. Wärtsilä experts can communicate with crews onboard via the Expert Insight collaboration app.

Read a real-life example of Expert Insight and operational support:


Staff at one of our Expertise Centres identified an unusual cylinder peak pressure spike in an engine onboard a vessel connected to Wärtsilä Expert Insight.



After investigating the issue in remote connection, mechanical checks were carried out by the crew onboard and it was identified that the engine software needed modifying. The new software version was created by Wärtsilä and sent to the crew for installation. 



After the modified software was installed the engine continued to operate normally. The issue was identified and solved proactively before bigger problems occured.

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Data Driven Maintenance – a more flexible approach to maintenance

With data-driven maintenance the idea is to take a condition-based approach to maintenance rather than adhering to a fixed overhaul schedule based on logged running hours and infrequent reporting. By monitoring the critical engine parameters in real time it’s possible to extend the time between overhauls and eliminate the need for some time-consuming, costly intermediate inspections.

Serving you wherever you are in the world

Lifecycle solutions customers are served by staff in one of our 10 Wärtsilä Expertise Centres around the world. Dedicated experts who are familiar with your vessel’s operations provide round-the-clock operational support whenever needed. This includes remote investigation and troubleshooting support, actionable advice and remote guidance for technical site operations, ensuring any issues are resolved as quickly as possible and reducing the need for unscheduled maintenance visits.

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Expert fault-finding quickly restores engine performance

Read a real-life example of operational support:


The chief engineer onboard an LNG carrier contacted a Wärtsilä Expertise centre for help with a degassing valve that was opening intermittently during engine operation, reducing the engine load by 50%.



Staff at the Expertise Centre identified that the root cause of the problem was a malfunctioning exhaust waste gate operation. The centre instructed the crew on how to inspect and replace the waste gate assembly. 



After replacement of the waste gate, the engine’s running load was restored to its normal level. The issue was solved remotely in few hours.

Wärtsilä Expertise Centres global footprint

Wärtsilä Expertise Centres global footprint map
Advanced analytics in combination with OEM expertise

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