Wärtsilä 25 lounge

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Wärtsilä 25 - The power to target net-zero

The new Wärtsilä 25 is a next-generation medium-speed engine, designed with our customers in mind, that powers a wide range of vessels with minimal emissions. It can already run on carbon-neutral biofuels and has a future-proof and modular design that makes it easy to upgrade for greener fuels.

The lounge is full of fascinating content and with a new way of experiencing our new engine. The lounge provides not only a first glimpse of the engine and its features, but also an opportunity to really feel the power to target net-zero.

What you will experience at the Wärtsilä 25 lounge

  • A guided tour of the Wärtsilä 25
  • An introduction to the core applications of the engine
  • An exploration of the engine through facts and figures
  • Watch the recorded live Q&A session delivered by our Wärtsilä product experts

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