Innovation, experience & expertise - the keys to decarbonising shipping will take more than technology

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Operim - Operational Performance Improvement & Monitoring
How digital services are helping our customers operate more efficiently

Nicholas Martin
Director, Digital Offering

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Fuel Conversions
Discover the latest technology on engine conversions, fuel handling systems, safety- and auxiliary systems as well as the automation & control systems.

Toni Stojcevski
General Manager, Sales

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Integrated Procurement and beyond
Learn to simplify your procurement by integrating our service into the industry’s most commonly used procurement platforms, systems and processes.

Sung Chan Lee
GM, Sales Excellence & Coaching

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Article / 18 MAY 2021 5 MIN READ

Solutions to decarbonise are embedded in data

Data is holding every stakeholder individually accountable for their environmental impact. But data...
  • Voyage
  • Fleet Optimisation & Safety
  • Port and Traffic Management
Decarbonising maritime will take more than technology
Article / 18 MAY 2021 3 MIN READ

Decarbonising maritime will take more than technology

The maritime industry's discussion of decarbonisation thus far has focused upon uncertainties,...
  • Sustainability
  • Decarbonisation & future fuels
Article / 2 FEB 2021 4 MIN READ

Decarbonisation – a viable pathway emerges

In recent years, the maritime sector has awoken to the pressing need to make critical sustainability...
  • Decarbonisation & future fuels
  • Marine Power
  • People
Cargo ship at sea, view from bridge
Article / 29 SEP 2020 4 MIN READ

Wärtsilä Fuel Efficiency Boost retrofit cuts fuel consumption for two-stroke engines

For vessel owners and operators, reducing marine emissions and...
  • Marine Systems
Cristiano Rocha power plant
Article / 26 AUG 2020 5 MIN READ

The connection between gas conversions and clean energy

Brazil’s example shows the role gas conversions can play in making power plants more...
  • Decarbonisation & future fuels
Automating Operim
Article / 12 DEC 2017 3 MIN READ

Automating Operim

Wärtsilä Gas Solutions’ Operim has been monitoring its LNG cargo and reliquefaction plants on LNG carriers since 2011, but its new...
  • Sustainability
  • Technology
  • Engine systems


Decarbonising Shipping Week
Webinar / 20 SEP 2021

Decarbonising Shipping Week - Preparing for Tomorrow Today

Five webinars one goal.
  • Marine Power
  • Decarbonisation & future fuels
Webinar / 26 MAY 2020

Fuels for the future: the steps towards zero emission shipping (MEA session)

Biofuels and hydrogen-based fuels are needed to decarbonise the...
  • Decarbonisation & future fuels
Decarbonizing Shipping
Webinar / 3 NOV 2020

Decarbonising Shipping – is it only about the alternative fuels?

Decarbonising Shipping – A detailed look at carbon intensity measures and other...
  • Decarbonisation & future fuels
  • Engine systems
  • Electrical systems