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KORMARINE 2021 Day three Highlights

Innovation, experience & expertise - the keys to decarbonising shipping will take more than technology

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Event presentations - Day 3


Future Fuels Developments
Find out the latest developments on Wärtsilä’s study and testing of several future fuels, including green hydrogen, synthetic methane, methanol and ammonia.

Mikael Wideskog
Director, Sustainable Fuels & Decarbonisation

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Dictionary of future fuels

Wärtsilä Electrical and Power Systems
Know the latest electrical solutions and their role on vessels such as hybrid, Diesel-Electric-propulsion or shaft generators, enabling your vessels to reduce emissions dramatically by combining green energy from renewable sources in shore.

Dong Hwan Kim
General Manager, EACN MP Sales

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Electrical & Automation


Smart Propulsion_webinar
24 JUN 2021 Article
4 min read

Meet the new future fuel-ready propulsion technology for bulkers and tankers

An overview of the webcast presenting Wärtsilä and RINA’s game-changing...
Meeting decarbonisation targets with optimised propulsion
5 MAY 2021 Article
3 min read

Meeting decarbonisation targets with optimised propulsion

It’s not often that the twin goals of reducing costs and complying with regulations can be...
Why hybrid power systems make sense for the offshore drilling industry
17 MAR 2016 Article
9 min read

Why hybrid power systems make sense for the offshore drilling industry

As the pressure to reduce costs in offshore drilling continues to mount,...
LNG a future fuel for the maritime industry
30 MAR 2017 Article
25 min read

LNG - A future fuel for the maritime industry?

Stricter environmental regulations are changing the way the maritime industry views conventional...


26 MAY 2020 Webinar

Fuels for the future: the steps towards zero emission shipping (MEA session)

Biofuels and hydrogen-based fuels are needed to decarbonise the...
Decarbonizing Shipping
3 NOV 2020 Webinar

Decarbonising Shipping – is it only about the alternative fuels?

Decarbonising Shipping – A detailed look at carbon intensity measures and other...
Path to IMO 2050 banner
6 AUG 2020 Webinar

Path to IMO 2050 and the role of LNG as a marine fuel

LNG as the transition fuel to the decarbonized shipping and should include the safety,...