GST & Shipping 2030 Europe

20 - 23 March 2018, Copenhagen, Denmark

GST & Shipping 2030 Europe

20 - 23 March 2018, Copenhagen, Denmark

The shipping industry is undergoing a rapid transformation in response to the need for greater operating efficiencies and better environmental performance. By orchestrating these developments through the intelligent use of connectivity and digitalisation, Wärtsilä aims to deliver value and optimisation to its customers. With smart technologies and extensive in-house competences, we offer the most efficient and environmentally sustainable operating profile for owners and operators around the world.

The GST Shipping 2030 Europe conference focuses on the need to create cost efficiency and harness technology. 

Come and interact with industry leaders on the latest trends and innovations.

In the exhibition area, Wärtsilä will conduct vessel optimisation demos and you will have the opportunity to discuss your business needs with our Wärtsilä representatives.

Full details about the event, as well as how to register can be found here.

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tamara (2)

Tamara de Gruyter  Check out the LinkedIn profile
Vice President Services North Europe

21st March 09:10
Keynote speech on the topic: 
“Smart technologies setting new standards”

21st March 10:15
Panellist on:
"Instilling a digital culture into shipping"


Egil Hystad  Check out the LinkedIn profile
General Manager, Market Innovation

22nd March 09:50
Panellist on:
"What will the smart ship look like"


Johan Backas  Check out the LinkedIn profile
Managing Director, Eniram – a Wärtsilä company

21st March 12:30
Panellist on:
"Translating connectivity into vessel efficiencies"


Lars Bo Kirkegaard  Check out the LinkedIn profile
General Manager Sales, Ballast water management systems

21st March 11:30
Panellist on:
"How are regulations shaping the long-term future of the ballast industry?"


Stian Aakre   Check out the LinkedIn profile
General Manager, Exhaust Gas Cleaning

21st March
Presentation on: 
"Exhaust gas scrubbers and air emission abatement "


Dr Wei Chen  Check out the LinkedIn profile
Program development manager, Water Systems

21st March:
Presentation on:
"Prevention of pollution by sewage from ships – progress and challenges"


We look forward seeing you at GST Shipping 2030 Europe!

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