Wärtsilä Navi-Port

Wärtsilä Navi-Port

What if navigation systems could connect you to a port?

Vessel arrival coordination with ports is one of the most unsolved areas in shipping. Hundreds of e-mails are sent out between managers, operators, agents, terminals and suppliers to arrange for one port call. At the same time unnecessary vessel waiting time is a waste of fuel and source of local and global emissions. A more coordinated (Just-in-Time) approach is seen as the biggest remaining fuel saving potential in shipping.

The Wärtsilä webinar explores the technical opportunities and real cases of successful applications to show how navigation systems can be connected with a port to enable better and more efficient planning of port and terminal operations, while reducing congestion and the risk of collisions. 

Our speakers are sharing the knowledge on the current technological solutions, that are improving port operations and resource planning and can also lead to a significant reduction of emissions. From just-in-time arrival and ship traffic management to fuel optimization and marine industry pillars collaborating in a real-life working environment.  

Viewers will get the top tips on eliminating wasteful practices in shipping operations in an economically sound way that will bring even more benefits to all the stakeholders.

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Presented by


Torsten Büssow

Director Wärtsilä Voyage


Dmitry Rostopshin

General Manager,
Traffic Control & Management Solutions
Wärtsilä Voyage


Emil Katajainen

Business Development Manager

How to enable just-in-time arrivals and eliminate wasteful practises in shipping operations?

The marine industry is changing. The competitive environment within the industry and regulator requirements are creating the need to address the industry’s established ways of working with a new set of criteria. One of the main sources of inefficiencies, or waste, in maritime transportation is the unnecessarily excessive speeds at which ships sail to arrive at port only to have to wait for a berthing slot.

This white paper provides comprehensive information on how just-in-time arrivals can be achieved through the collaboration of technology providers, ship operators, port co-ordinators and classification societies. This, to eliminate unnecessary fuel consumption and emissions, both during the voyage and at anchor.
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