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Bulker and tanker solutions

Increase TCE rates and reduce OPEX

Bulker and tanker solutions  - Increase TCE rates and reduce OPEX

De-risk your assets

Owners and managers of bulkers and tankers are under increasing pressure to maximise lifetime value and minimise operational costs for tanker and bulker vessels – whether new builds or existing vessels. At the same time, stricter environmental regulations are being adopted, including such the International Maritime Organization (IMO) 2050 target of reducing greenhouse gases (GHG) from shipping by 50% compared to 2008 levels.

Wärtsilä’s integrated solutions help you to reduce fuel costs and optimise maintenance processes, increasing the profitability of your vessel as an owned asset and enhancing its resale value at the same time. Rather than contacting shipyards and receiving offers for standard, off-the-shelf designs. Wärtsilä encourage you to reach out to us first. Based on your actual needs, we can look at different technologies and see what alternatives would provide the best ROI.

Owners and managers in the merchant fleet are under increasing pressure to maximise
lifetime value ...

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Creating future-proof bulkers and tankers

For owners and managers of bulkers and tankers, finding new ways to minimise operational costs and maximise...
7 May 2020
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Reduce emissions and OPEX while increasing TCE rates

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Anglo-Eastern leads in digital transformation with Wärtsilä Fleet Operations Solution

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Benefits from Wärtsilä solutions 

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions 

At Wärtsilä, we believe that fuel flexibility is key to creating a truly future-proof vessel. By utilising LNG, a dual-fuel approach can cut GHG emissions by up to 15%. However, by installing selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology and scrubbers, it is also possible to keep using traditional fuel if there is a specific need that makes this the right long-term choice.

Reduce costs and increase efficiency

Fuel flexibility and asset efficiency enable owners to significantly reduce fuel, running and maintenance costs, making a vessel far more attractive to charterers – as well as reducing the total cost of ownership through lower OPEX and higher revenue.

Increase the residual value of your vessel

A complete solution package from Wärtsilä can help your vessel achieve better performance and fuel efficiency – and gives you the data to prove it – while also extending its profitable life span, meaning your vessel maintains its value over the lifecycle and leads to a higher resale value.

Improve reliability

Wärtsilä solutions also reduce risk, improve vessel reliability and minimise downtime to help you get more out of your assets. Wärtsilä Expert Insight is an innovative breakthrough that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced diagnostics to monitor equipment and systems in real time – allowing our experts to support you proactively with an appropriate resolution to issues.

Wärtsilä Fleet Operations Solutions 

Wärtsilä Fleet Operations Solution is a fully integrated network for ship‑to-shore communication based on the connected ECDIS. This means you can benefit from an integrated navigational system and intelligent automation that takes efficiency, equipment maintenance and operational processes and delivers actionable insights that reduce fuel consumption and improve performance at both vessel and fleet level.


The most environmentally friendly shuttle tanker

Improved energy efficiency - Wärtsilä propulsion solutions

In today's increasingly competitive shipping environment, you need solutions that not only increase the ship's efficiency but are also reliable and have a shorter payback period.  Check the video which gives an introduction to our propulsion efficiency solutions.


Arriving just in time for the future

Late arrival of ships is a costly problem. But Wärtsilä’s Smart Marine technologies and port automation...
2 January 2020
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The green energy of the future could...

There are currently 10,240 tankers hauling 3.8 billion gallons of crude oil around the world. We rely...
30 December 2019
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Who is afraid of the sulphur cap?

As the IMO’s Global Sulphur Cap 2020 approaches, time is running out for marine industry players to make...
31 October 2019
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Ultramax 2030: Next generation shipping

Ship owners can now have vessels that that are affordable, compliant with the IMO’s 2030 emission targets...
16 October 2019
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Optimising costs while reducing pollution

Shipping remains the most cost-effective, energy efficient, and sustainable means of transporting the...
28 August 2019
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