Wärtsilä ELAC UT 3000

Wärtsilä ELAC UT 3000 is the latest version of underwater communication systems designed and built by Wärtsilä Elac Nautik. The system is a milestone in the history of underwater communication as it offers proven digital data transmission for the first time.

The Wärtsilä ELAC UT 3000 is the first proven system to offer digital data transmission in addition to analogue voice communication. It is already installed in an increasing number of submarines and surface ships worldwide. For submarines, digital communication offers numerous new applications at speed and depth, such as fast exchange of tactical, operational and navigation data. Now, also encoded communication can be realised effectively.

The optional feature MASQ was developed to provide the next-generation reliable through water communication system capable of operating at speed and depth. MASQ guarantees confidential and secure signalling.

    Key Features
    • Digital data communication via text messages and data files using digital coding algorithms like MFSK
    • Capable of data transfer acc. to JANUS standard (STANAG 4748) for absolute interoperability
    • Analogue communication acc. to STANAG 1475
    • Meets all relevant military specifications
    • Supports up to four transducer groups
    • Sector- and omni-directional transmission
    • Space diversity reception
    • Software update feature
    • Modular design
    • Multi-lingual User Interface
    Technical Data
    Technical Data
    Frequency range 1 - 60 kHz
    Tuneable in steps of 50 Hz for analogue communication
    NATO standard carrier frequency
    4 kHz band at 12 kHz for LF digital communication
    10 kHz band at 30 kHz for HF digital communication
    Power output Up to 400 W at 4 transducer groups (normal-power version)
    High power version with 1400 W available
    Reducible -12 / -24 / -36 dB
    Telephony signal 300 Hz to 3 kHz (audio band)
    Telegraphy signal 800 Hz (reduced bandwidth of 1 kHz)
    Audio output 2.6 W at 4 Ω
    Headphone 26 mW at 2 x 600 Ω in parallel (L/R)
    Interfaces Audio In / Out for ICS
    Keying and captain’s key
    NMEA input
    USB, RJ-45 (Ethernet)
    Data link interface
    Environmental conditions According to military standards (details upon request)
    Dimensions of transmitter-, receiver- and control unit SEB 34 456 (w) x 512 (h) x 334 (d) mm – (without shock mounts)
    Approx. 43 kg
    Power supply
         Anti-condensation heating

    115 V AC or 230 V AC 50 / 60 Hz
    115 V AC or 230 V AC 50 / 60 Hz or
    160 V DC up to 330 V DC
    Power consumption
         Anti-condensation heating

    max. 900 VA (at 400 W transmitting power, CW)
    max. 300 VA (receiving mode)
    approx. 30 VA
    (depending on ambient temperature)

    Environmental Conditions

    According to military standards, details on request.

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