Wärtsilä ELAC UT 2200

The Wärtsilä ELAC UT 2200 is a compact underwater telephone according to military standards. It is in particular installed as emergency phone in case the submarine’s electrical system fails.

    Key Features
    • Compact underwater telephone for surface ships and submarines
    • Emergency telephone for submarines
    • Full compatibility with all NATO underwater telephones
    • Communication according to STANAG 1425, 1074 and 1298
    • Sonar beacon operation according to STANAG 1382
    • Tested according to military standards
    Technical Data
     Technical Data
    Carrier frequency Three selectable frequencies for all operation modes
    Frequencies can be chosen out of 14 possible frequencies between 8.0875 and 42 kHz (including frequencies defined in the STANAG 1074)
    Modulation Amplitude modulation (AM) with upper sideband and suppressed carrier (SSB)
    Operating modes
         Telephony 300 - 3,000 Hz (audio bandwidth)
         Telegraphy 800 Hz (audio tone)
         Pinger 150 ms (pulse length)
    1 min (repetition time)
    Built-in test Functional and battery test (test modes)
    Receiver data
         Output power volume max. 1 W at 4 Ω
         Squelch Internal loudspeaker
    Disconnectable headphone
    Settings: ON / OFF
    Transmitter data
         Output power max. 100 W at 35 Ω
    Switchable: 0 / -10 / -20 dB
    Operating time
         Normal operation Unlimited (at ship’s 28 V DC supply)
         Emergency mode 1 ping/min (pinger operation acc. to STANAG 1298)
    450 hours (about 18 days) supplied by an internal Lithium battery
    Power supply
         Standard version 28 V DC ship’s supply acc. to STANAG 1008
         Emergency version 28 V/13 Ah (28 V DC ship’s supply and internal Lithium battery)
    Standard configuration
         Operation and display unit SEE 31
         Headset (phones, microphone and PTT/ key) TF 18
         Omni-directional transducer
               for LF and HF operation TSE 7, TSE 8
               for LF operation TSE 5
    Optional attachments
         Morse key TT 1
         Microphone MI 13
    Environmental Qualifications
    Environmental Qualifications
    EMC acc. to BV 0120 / VG 95 373
    Non-magnetic design acc. to VG 95 577
    Airborne noise DIN 45 635
    Temperature/ damp heat acc. to DEF-STAN 07-55
    Shock acc. to BV 0430
    Vibration acc. to BV 0240

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