Wärtsilä ELAC HUNTER is a hull mounted sonar, carrying out anti-submarine warfare (ASW) in active and passive modes in shallow and deep waters for panoramic detection of submarines and other objects. ELAC HUNTER is the best cost and performance solution for new construction or modernization programs for fitting onboard a destroyer, frigate, corvette or offshore patrol vessel (OPV).

    Key Features

    • Localization of underwater contacts for ensuring underwater situational awareness
    • Localization of mines for mine avoidance
    • Detection of AUVs and midget-submarines
    • Sonar pulse intercept detection/ torpedo warning
    • Automatic target detection, tracking and forwarding to combat management system (CMS) and fire control equipment
    • Classification of underwater targets
    • Audio channel
    • Performance monitoring and false localization
    • Sonar performance prediction of the day
    • Onboard simulator
    • Raw data recording
    Technical Data
    Active mode:
    Detection range Up to 48 kyd
    Transmission sector 360° (ODT and RDT mode) 120° (forward-looking SDT mode)
    Pulse lengths Between 50 ms and 1 s
    Pulse types CW, FM or a combination  of CW and FM 
    Receiving sector 360° (horizontal) 
    Number of ATT channels 30
    Doppler resolution < 1 kn
    Own ship Doppler correction ≤ 32 kn
    Passive mode:
    Number of ATT channels 30
    Receive sector(electronically) 360° (ODT and RDT mode) 120° (forward-looking SDT mode) 
    Bearing time record display up to 60 min

    W&#228;rtsil&#228; ELAC HUNTER - Specifications

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