Wärtsilä ELAC SCOUT is a forward looking 3D active sonar designed for mine and obstacle avoidance. It provides navigation support in dangerous waters. The system's high efficiency and extraordinary range performance are completed by a forward looking bottom mapping mode for tactical seabed survey. The system features a surface mapping mode for collision avoidance during surfacing operations.

Wärtsilä ELAC SCOUT can be installed in new designs or refitted on existing submarines. Wärtsilä offers customisation of the arrays to match the shape of any submarine.

    Key Features
    • 3D detection and tracking of mines and obstacles
    • Long-range detection of submarines up to 5,000 m
    • Survey of the seabed ahead for navigation purposes
    • Collision avoidance during surfacing


    • High-resolution 3D forward looking mode
    • Forward looking bottom and surface mapping
    • Automatic target detection and tracking
    • Adjustable source level for intercept range reduction
    • Data recording and replay
    • Available as integrated system handling multiple user access or as stand-alone solution
    • Ruggedized system components qualified according to military standards
    • Fitted for new designs and refits due to the compact system components
    Technical Data
    Transmission Frequency 25 - 35 kHz
    Pulse length 1 / 5 / 10 / 20 ms
    (depending on range mode)
    Power Reduction 10 / 20 dB
    Mine and Obstacle Avoidance Mode
    Range scales 100 / 500 / 1,000 / 2,000 / 4,000 m
    Range scales long-range mode 5,000 m
    Horizontal coverage approx. 90°
    Horizontal coverage long-range mode approx. 25°
    Vertical coverage approx. 25° or 12.5° (selectable)
    Vertical sector is steerable ± 30° (total vertical coverage)
    Pulse modulation CW or FM (selectable)
    Normalisation all beams
    Bearing accuracy approx. 1.5° (centre beam)
    Range accuracy ≤ 1 % of used range scale
    Typical detection ranges*
    Moored Mines (TS = -18 dB) 1,650 m
    Obstacles (TS = 0 dB) 2,450 m
    Submarines (TS = 15 dB) 3,750 m
    *) Isovelocity profile, salinity = 35 ppt, water depth 50 m, bottom type silt (flat), sea state 3, probability of detection > 95%, probability of false alarm < 0.01%
    Bottom Mapping Mode
    Depth scales 100 / 500 / 1,000 / 2,000 m
    Max. horizontal coverage approx. 60°
    Max. vertical coverage approx. 3.5°
    Depth accuracy at 1,000 m 10 m for centre beam
    Surface Mapping Mode
    Max. horizontal coverage approx. 60°
    Max. vertical coverage approx. 3.5°
    Combat management system Ethernet
    Navigation system NMEA protocol / Ethernet
    Blanking output ELAC protocol/ RS422
    Audio channel Analogue audio
    Electrical Conditions
    Power supply 115 / 230 V
    50 / 60 Hz
    Power consumption max. 1,500 VA

    Environmental Qualifications
    Environmental Qualifications
    Electronic cabinets
    EMC acc. to VG 95373 boundary class 3
    Airborne noise level acc. to DIN 45635
    • ≤ 49 dB
    Degree of protection acc. to IEC 60 529
    • IP 44
    Temperature acc. to DEF-STAN 07-55
    • operation: -7°C - 55°C
    • storage: -35°C - 70°C
    Damp heat test acc. to DEF-STAN 07-55
    • 55°C,
    • 93 % RH
    Corrosion test (salt) acc. to DIN 50021 (inboard equipment)
    Shock test acc. to BV 0430, issue 3/85
    Vibration test acc. to BV 0440, issue 10/90
    Change of atmospheric pressure acc. to MIL-STD 810,
    • 0.07 - 0.14 MPa
    Transducer arrays
    Shock test tested at 160g/2ms
    Pressure test up to 5.4 MPa
    Sonar controller unit
    Full compliance to IEC 60945

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