Wärtsilä ELAC KaleidoScope

The OpenSonarSuite Wärtsilä ELAC KaleidoScope is an advanced, totally integrated submarine sonar suite that performs integrated surveillance. The integrated surveillance functionality includes detection, tracking, analysis and classification.  

The detection (5D detector) and tracking functionality includes broadband, narrowband, DEMON, transient and acoustic intercept data for contact detection, contact tracking and contact correlation. The analysis functionality includes LOFAR, DEMON, transient and intercept analysis whose results feeds a data base for the target classification functionality. 

The HMI is flexible and allows the user to define his own Windows layout individually for each screen and for each multifunction console.

The design of Wärtsilä ELAC KaleidoScope is based on an open architecture that allows the customer to extend the functionality of the sonar suite as well as to take over the life time support without the industry partner.

    Key Features
    • Full spatial,  full temporal, full spectral, full dynamic coverage
    • Open architecture allowing rapid change and insertion of new capabilities*
    • 5D (BB, NB, DEMON, Transient, and Intercept) detector on all beams on all arrays simultaneously
    • Adaptive Beamforming
    • Multi-channel A/D conversion for a 160 dB digital dynamic range
    • 28 Bit Outboard digitalisation to increase S/N ratio
    • COTS-based SONAR processor and network infrastructure
    • Fully military hardened
    * no need for industry support; customer-owned and secret intellectual properties
    Technical data
    System Overview II
    Kaleidoscope - technical data

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