Wärtsilä ELAC SeaBeam 3020 ICE

Wärtsilä ELAC SeaBeam 3020 ICE is a high-performance deep-water multibeam echo sounder, providing excellent real-time bathymetric data for wide-swath contour charts, bottom amplitudes, side scan data and beam data for water column imaging (WCI). The system operates in the 20 kHz frequency band in water depths ranging from 50 to approx. 7,000 m.

Wärtsilä ELAC SeaBeam 3020 ICE applies the patented Swept Beam™ transmission technique for artifact-free insonification and full stabilisation of the transmitted beams for vessel’s pitch, roll and yaw motion. The system produces bathymetric data that exceed the requirements of the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) for depths greater than 100 metres.

The projector array and the hydrophone array are resistant against forces occurring under ice conditions.

    Key Features

    Operational Features:

    • Up to 7,000 m depth performance
    • Up to 9,000 m swath coverage
    • Multi-ping mode (optional)
    • High-density mode
    • Real-time water column imaging (WCI)
    • High-resolution side scan data
    • Bottom amplitudes
    • Full auto mode for reliable and easy system operation

    Technical Features:

    • 20 kHz frequency band
    • Patented Swept BeamTM transmission technology for superior data quality
    • Artifact-free insonification
    • Full stabilisation of the transmitted beams for vessel’s pitch, roll and yaw motion
    • Ice-resistant transducer arrays
    • Mills cross transducer configuration
    • Along-ship and across-ship beam widths adaptable to customer requirements
    • Output interface for bottom slope data
    Technical Data
    Performance Data
    Operating frequency 20 kHz band
    Min. depth 50 m below transducers
    Max. depth Approx. 7,000 m
    (depending upon the ship’s own noise and sea state)
    Along-ship beam width 1° or 2° (other beam widths available)
    Across-ship beam width 1° or 2° (other beam widths available)
    Ice-protection Via Polyurethane shielding
    Swaths per ping cycle 1 (single-ping) or
    2 (multi-ping – option)
    Pulse lengths 1- 20ms
    Max. swath coverage sector 130°
    Max. swath coverage Approx. 9,000 m
    (depending upon the ship’s own noise and sea state)
    Full auto mode Automatic setting of all relevant system parameters
    Reception beam spacing Equidistant or equiangular
    Max. number of beams 734 (equidistant, multi-ping)
    602 (equiangular, multi-ping)
    Depth accuracy
    (sonar sensor)
    In accordance with IHO SP44 for depths greater than 100 metres
    Input Interfaces
    Power 115 V / 60 Hz single-phase or
    230 V / 50 Hz single-phase
    Motion RS232 / RS422
    Heading RS232 / RS422
    Position RS232 / RS422
    Surface sound velocity RS232 / RS422
    Sound velocity profile RS232 / RS422
    Special Output Interfaces
    Centre depth interface RS232, ASCII format
    Bottom slope data interface RS232, similar to NMEA 0183
    Roll ± 10°
    Pitch ± 7°
    Yaw ± 5°
    Physical Specifications
    Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Weight (kg)
    Hydrophone junction box 726 600 191 42
    Projector junction box 395 640 130 20
    Receiver control unit 1,952 606 958 390
    Transmitter control unit 1,953 606 1,048 350 - 450
    PC station(s) 177 (4 HE) 483 (19” rack) 505 14
    *Dimensions may change due to special installation requirements. The typical tolerance of weights is ± 10 %

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