WSD Self-elevating multi-purpose lift boat/workover unit

Length over all 70.50 m
Width 40.00 m
Cargo deck area 1200 m2
Number of legs 4 x tubular type
Max. elevated variable load 1600 t
Max. operating water depth 75 m
Speed 6 knots @ 3.7m draft

     Design highlights
    • Designed to operate in open waters or alongside fixed offshore platforms up to a maximum of 75m water depth.
    • Target operating areas such as offshore China, Middle East, Asia, Gulf of Mexico and other areas with similar environmental criteria.
    • Capable to support various offshore operation including maintenance, repairs, upgrades, removal of offshore rigs and oil well intervention activities (optional).
    • Offshore accommodation for 250 men.
    • MLC 2006 (Maritime Labour Convention) Compliance.
    • Heavy lifting capability of 200 MT.
    • Self-propelled with DPS-2 capability.
    • 4-point mooring ready.

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