VS 4705 DSV

Dive Support Vessel

Main data
Length over all 131.80 m
Cargo area 1500m2
Speed 14.50 knots

     Design highlights

    The Vessel shall be built for world-wide (excluding Arctic and Antarctic area) sub-sea operations including operation in coastal waters. The Vessel shall comply with the rules for GMDSS A1, A2 and A3 area.

    The vessel is designed for following main functions:

    • Accomodation 138 persons
    • Crane 150 mT, 3000 m wire
    • A-Frame, 150 t
    • Saturation diving support for eighteen (18) men, through an integrated twin bell diving system
    • ROV, 2 x work in hangar, side lounged
    • IMR (Inspection, maintenance and repair)
    • 60 days
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