WSD43 - 6.6k - White Oil Tanker

Length over all 108.00 m
Draught, design 6.00 m
Gross tonnage 5,5
Net tonnage 1,8
Deadweight, max 6,600 t
Service speed 12.6 knots
Cargo segregation 10 cargo tanks
M/E fuel consumption (@Td, Service speed, 85% CMCR, 15% SM)
MDO cons 10.2 t/day

    Design highlights
    • Tanker for white oil
    • Single decked, single screw motor ship with machinery
    • Double bottom and double skin in way of cargo tank region
    • Superior hull lines, CFD optimized and proven by extensive model testing
    • Meeting EEDI Phase I, between Jan 01, 2015 to Dec 3, 2019 requirements
    • Five pairs of cargo tanks, plus one pair of slop tanks by means of transverse bulkheads and CL longitudinal bulkhead
    • Space-optimized accommodation arrangement
    • Unrestricted ocean services and terminals compatible with vessel’s dimensions
    • Optional ice class

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