SK 5054 MK2 DF

Tanker for chemicals and oil products

Technical specifications
Length over all 144.00 m
Deadwelght, max. 16,700 dwt
Gross Tonnage abt. 10,370 GT
Net Tonnage abt. 4,360 NT
service speed 13.3 knots
2-stroke DF main engine 4,775 kW
cargo segregation 12 cargo tanks

    Design highlights
    • Latest dual-fuel technology to operate on LNG in ECA zones (IMO lier III) and HFO outside at competitive fuel costs
    • Based on successful design of 60+ built vessels
    • Single decked with machinery and accommodation located aft
    • Single screw propulsion with low speed OF main engine
    • Propeller shaft clutch with PTO/Pli as "Take Me Home" device and booster
    • Low fuel oil consumption, high propulsive efficiency
    • Twelve (12) cargo tanks (+2 slop tanks) by means of transverse bulkheads and CL longitudinal bulkhead
    • Cargo handling with high loading- /discharging capacities
    • Double bottom and double shell protection
    • Clean design - fuel tanks in engine room arranged with cofferdams against outer shell
    • Ice Class 1A (Finnish-Swedish)
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