WSD50 30K 30,000m3 LNG Carrier customised


Technical specification
Length over all 170.00 m
Draught, design 7.50 m
Draught, maximum 8.00 m
Deadweight, des 15 000 t
Service speed 16.0 knots
M/E fuel consumption (@Td, Service speed, 90% MCR, 15% SM)
Gas mode - LNG cons. 25.1 t/day
Diesel mode - MDO cons. 28.6 t/day

     Design highlights
    • Latest Dual Fuel Engine technology:
      • reduces emissions in LNG operation: SOx (100%), CO2 (20%), NOx (80%)
      • compliant with MARPOL Tier III in gas mode
    • Vessel is fueled by natural BOG and forced vaporizing
    • LNG Carrier with possibility to perform LNG bunkering operations (STS)
    • Elevated LNG manifold - optional
    • Over 40 years experience in merchant market and leading experts in LNG
    • Core competence of Gas Handling Systems within Wärtsilä Ship Design Team

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