LNG carrier WSD50 20K

Technical specifications
Length over all, approx. 147.25 m
Draught 7.80 m
Gross tonnage 17,270 GT
Net tonnage 5,180 NT
Design speed 15.0 knots
Main engine 2-stroke
Cargo capacity (100%)
20.000 m3
Fuel oil cons. (LNG) design draught 18.1 t/day

     Design highlights
    • Latest technology dual-fuel engines to operate on LNG in ECA zones (IMO Tier III) and MDO outside at competitive fuel costs
    • Single decked with machinery and accomodation located aft 
    • Single screw propulsion with low-speed DF main engine Wärtsilä 5RT-flex50DF
    • Ballast water treatment plant compliant with the latest MARPOL V
    • Sewage and garbage handling fully compliant with MARPOL IV/V
    • Superior hull lines, CFD optimised
    • Low-fuel consumption, high propulsive efficiency
    • 2x 7,500 m3 bilobe and 1x 5,000 m3 bilobe type C cargo tank
    • Pure LNG carrier
    • Fuel feeding by BOG and forced vaporizing
    • Joint design project with Lloyd's Register

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