WSD59 10K 10,000 m3

WSD59 10K 10,000 m3 LNG bunkering vessel

Technical specification
Length over all, approx 124.9 m
Draught, design 6.60 m
Deadweight 7,200 DWT
Design Speed 14.0 knots
LNG cargo capacity 10,000 m3
MDO/MGO storage capacity 2,400 m3
Gas cons (without load of SG) 12.1 t/day (15% SM, at design speed)

    Design highlights
    • Latest technology Dual Fuel Engines to operate on LNG in ECA zones (IMO Tier III) and MDO/MGO
    • outside at competitive fuel costs
    • Reduced emissions in LNG operation: SOx (100%), CO2 (20%), NOx (80%)
    • Ballast water treatment plant compliant with the latest MARPOL V
    • Sewage and garbage handling fully compliant with MARPOL IV/V
    • 2x 5,000 m3 cylindrical IMO type C independent LNG cargo tanks
    • Abt. 2,400 m3 of cargo capacity for marine diesel oil (MDO/MGO)
    • Combined manifold for LNG or MDO/MGO cargo/fuel operations

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