WSD84 2400 LNG RoRo

LNG fuelled container RoRo vessel

Technical specifications
Length over all, approx. 219,5 m
Deadweight, max. 26,500 dwt
Gross tonnage abt. 36,800 GT
Net tonnage abt. 11,550 NT
Service speed 22,0 knots
Operation area. worldwide
Container capacity, max 2,400 EQ TEU
Reefer plugs
up to 350

  Design highlights

  • Latest dual-fuel engines to operate on LNG
  • Panamax Container Ro-Ro vessel
  • Flexible container loading arrangement of 20ft., 40ft., 45ft., and 53ft. types
  • Optimised for High-Cube and Wide-Body container types
  • CFD-optimised hull lines for highest efficiency and lowest accelerations, validated by extensive model tests
  • Meeting EEDI of 2015 requirements
  • Fully enclosed car garage (370 private large cars) with access via single lane stern quartering ramp
  • Two (2) holds for dangerous goods
  • Two (2) holds with movable sell guides
  • Inherently Safe Engine Room design

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