WSD 2002 SF ZERO 60 Ferry

Double Ended Shuttle Ferry.

Length over all 66.4 m
Breadth 16.2 m
Draught 3.5 m
Battery capacity 500-1500 kWh
Service speed Can be configured for 8-13 knots
Vehicle deck capacity 60 cars
Passenger certificate 175 pax.

    Design highlights
    • 100% battery for routes with sailing time up to 30 minutes.*
    • Hybrid solution for routes with sailing time above 30 minutes.
    • Practical deck arrangements: All cars on one deck with good overview for passengers and crew.
    • Easy access to passenger saloon and restauration on same deck.
    • All facilities with arrangements for mobility and vision-impaired.
    • Option for play area for kids and silent area with special resting chairs.
    • 360 degrees azimuths for efficient and safe maneuvering.
    • Wireless induction charging (option for traditional physical connection charging alternatives).
    • Also available as WSD 2002 SF Hybrid 60.
    *subject to available charging capacity and time on shore location

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