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Wärtsilä water quality system
Increase the longevity of your equipment

Wärtsilä water quality system

The Wärtsilä Water Quality System increase the life of both seal and bearing products by filtering the water supply to remove any particulates or abrasive present in the raw water supply. More importantly, using an advanced water quality system that controls and monitors water flow, pressure and temperatures together with the option of an electronic bearing wear down gauge, operators are able to extend shaft withdrawal periods to an equal level with vessels using oil as a stern tube bearing lubricant.

Designed to provide filtered water for open and closed lubricated stern tube systems, providing increased impressive longevity of installed equipment. A range of pumped and or filtered supply systems for open and closed water applications are available:



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    Raw water is fed via the sea chest or other external source on the vessel and upstream, pre-strained water is supplied to the Wärtsilä Water Quality System. The entrained particles as a result of this are removed and ejected overboard. 

    The resultant water is pumped into the stern tube to provide flushing and lubricating water to the stern shaft seal and stern shaft bearings in each shaft line. Once passed down the stern tube, the conditioned water is simply passed back to the source.

    Key features and benefits

    • Cyclonic/strainer system - automatically discharges particulate debris, increasing the availability of shaft seals, bearings and other shaft line components.
    • Dual pumps - each system is dual pumped to limit risk and provide for redundancy.
    • Full monitoring control panel - allows complete control over pressures, temperature and water flow. 
    • Centrifugal pumps - cannot over-pressurise the system, minimising the need for safety valves.


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