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Wärtsilä Sternguard OLS series seals

The Wärtsilä Sternguard range has a wide selection of standard oil lubricated lip and face type solutions. The range consist of forward and aft seals with two, three or four seal rings, where extra protections from oil leakage is required.

The majority of the different executions are suitable for stern tubes, but also can be adapted for thrusters and electric pods. The seals are available in partially split and fully split variants depending on installation and servicing requirements.

Additionally, we offer the Wärtsilä Bio Seal ring which provides a longer service interval of at least 5 years when used with EALs (Environmentally acceptable lubricants), compared to conventional seal rings which are recommended to be changed every 2.5 years. 



The Sternguard OLS is an oil lubricated outboard (OLS3-P and OLS4-P) and inboard (OLS2-P) lip sealing solution which can be suited to many applications including merchant, cruise and ferry, offshore, inland water way (IWW) and thrusters. This seal is a conventional solution for these applications due to its high wear resistant seal rings and liner. The seal rings are made of Viton® rubber, a durable and long-lasting material tested to withstand turbulent weather conditions. The liner provides a running surface
for the seal rings and protects the propeller shaft from wear. This solution is provided as a partially split offering but is also available as fully-split, with the possibility to perform retrofits without removing any shaft line components.

Wärtsilä Sternguard OLS2

OLS3ASternguard mk2-661px

Wärtsilä Sternguard OLS3

Sternguard OLS4 with UNNET-661px

Wärtsilä Sternguard OLS4


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