Wärtsilä Sandguard
designed for vessels operating in abrasive waters

Wärtsilä Sandguard seal

The Wärtsilä Sandguard sealing system has been specifically designed for vessels operating in abrasive and polluted waters, and which require security against oil leakage into the seawater.

The system is designed to prevent abrasive particles from entering the seal. This has been achieved by adding a specially designed face seal and protection ring (FSP) and fresh water injection device on the seal. Fresh water is supplied into the aft seal chamber and the device prevents the ingress of muddy or sandy water into the seal system by purging fresh water through the FSP. Our optimum solution combines air with fresh water.

The Wärtsilä Sandguard sealing system benefits from automatic drain collection, which ensures complete separation between water and oil, ensuring vessel compliance with environmental regulations. Through automatic pressure control capabilities, the Wärtsilä Sandguard provides ship operators with a reliable and intelligent seal system to reduce maintenance needs and extend service intervals.

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