Wärtsilä Dualguard seal
The next generation of oil lubricated face seals

Wärtsilä Dualguard

Wärtsilä Dualguard is a technologically advanced face seal specifically designed for oil lubricated applications. It brings together the best of our product portfolio into one clever design capable of meeting market demands.

As well as removing risks of operational oil leakages, withstanding extreme conditions and safeguarding against fishing lines and other debris, Wärtsilä Dualguard lessens the likelihood of bonding failure, making it a unique and innovatory product for the marine industry.

An advanced sealing solution with proven design history

Along with abilities in maintaining operational and environmental efficiency, Wärtsilä Dualguard is flexible in design and streamlines maintenance processes by allowing for in-situ servicing.

This advanced piece of equipment is supplemented by an auxiliary system designed to prevent both oil pollution into the sea water and contamination of the bearing lubricant, in accordance with Vessel General Permit (VGP) conditions.

Wärtsilä Dualguard - workshop

Engineered with our customers in mind

We listened to our customers and engineered a solution for the modern world.

- Removes risks of operational oil leakages to meet Vessel General Permit (VGP) 
- Safeguards against fishing lines and other debris.    
- Accommodates for in-situ servicing.

Performance and efficiency
- Tolerates extreme vibrations, temperatures and speeds.
- Operates in shallow, abrasive waters.
- Improves operational and environmental efficiency.


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