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Wärtsilä hydraulic equipment

Wärtsilä's hydraulic equipment includes a range of high friction couplings, propeller nuts and shaft flange bolts.


    Wärtsila High Friction Couplings
    A new generation of Wärtsilä hydraulic couplings to provide solutions where it was previously impossible to maximize propulsion efficiency without shaft connection complexity. This innovative technology reduces surface contact pressure while increasing torque transmission capacity by 30% offering substantial cost-savings in the shaft line.

    The couplings avoid the use of costly reinforcement sleeves, as well as the need to substitute large connection couplings. Designed for an easy, clean and fast install/uninstall with minimal personnel. Re-engineered to be 30% lighter, they are available in a wide range of sizes to ensure the perfect fit for your vessel.
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    Wärtsila Hydraulic Nuts and Bolts
    Wärtsilä hydraulic nuts are designed for heavy equipment installation. Manufactured from high quality materials, the nuts are designed to use as both an installation tool and as a permanent nut. The fitting process is controlled by means of a hydraulic procedure. The process is clean, quick and trouble free with the simple use of one set of hydraulic equipment.

    Wärtsilä hydraulic bolts are designed to ensure the connection of flanges while still being able to meet the requirements of high torque transmission
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    hydraulic bolts

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