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How it works

Using real-time data, the new Wärtsilä Sea-Master system provides valuable information about the operational health of a vessel’s tail shaft to help maximise up-time and lower lifecycle costs. 


    Prolongs tail shaft life-cycle

    Through the collation of condition monitoring information, Wärtsilä Sea-Master monitors vessel performance to help ship operators maintain tail shaft performance. 

    Reduces costs
    Asset management and cost control 

    Data generated by Wärtsilä Sea-Master helps ship operators to manage assets, regulate costs and curtail expenses incurred from downtime. 

    Provides full predictability
    Accurate maintenance planning

    Wärtsilä Sea-Master provides a platform to predict long-term trends in tail shaft performance and enable ship operators to make informed and robust decisions.

    Ensures environmental compliance
    In detecting deterioration at an early stage, Wärtsilä Sea-Master ensures DNV∙GL TMON compliance and prolongs intervals between tail shaft removal or withdrawal surveys.
    Key component measurements
    From new builds and retrofits to water or oil lubricated shaft lines, the Wärtsilä Sea-Master system monitors critical components of the tail shaft on all vessel types.

    The Wärtsilä Sea-Master dashboard offers:

    • A dial or system display for ease of interpretation
    • Real-time data
    • Certified analytics
    • Health check reports
    • Predictive life cycle requirements

    Other features include:

    • Class approved stainless steel cabinet and panel
    • Self-contained enclosure for ease of installation
    • Touch screen colour display panel
    • Real time dash board display of primary sensors and values
    • Historical data trends
    • Alarm alerts – data capture and clearing protocols
    • Cabinet entry security
    • Data download security protocol
    “DNV GL offers potentially unlimited survey intervals for water-lubricated tail shaft systems by introducing optional class notations TMON. This eco-friendly technology benefits all parties involved, provided it is coupled with an effective condition monitoring system capable of detecting deterioration at an early stage."


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