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The Wärtsilä Training Centre Hamburg’s "NACOS SERVICE" provides and presents field service engineers with all the necessary know-how on various Wärtsilä SAM Electronics systems and solutions. The education is targeted for engineers or technicians who are familiar with automation or/and navigation electronics.

The courses are tailored for beginners and more experienced participants. Courses for beginners are marked with "basic"; all others with "advanced". In most cases all advanced NACOS Service courses require previous attendance in a "basic" course. Engineers or skilled workers with significant working experience in the field of ship’s electronics can request placement in the advanced classes with references, and such applications will be handled in a case-by-case basis.

The Wärtsilä Training Centre Hamburg provides all technical training as "Technical Workshops". Several technical workshops combine a selection of training clusters to improve the efficiency of the training.

Further steps for improving service training are taking place with the application of mobile training sets, training at the service partner’s premises, and the opening of new training centre locations, e.g. at Wärtsilä SAM Netherlands. All of these improvements are noted in our annual training plan.

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