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The NACOS USER training programme is designed for nautical officers and maritime navigation professionals who want to develop and embed their handling knowledge of integrated navigation systems and their constituent components, such as the Wärtsilä ECDIS, RADARs, Trackpilot (Track Control and Autopilot System) and Speedpilot (Speed‐ control systems). The training is centred on modern and professional simulation technology and bridge systems to create a realistic learning environment for exercises and demonstrations.

The NACOS USER training programme is divided into four (4) different course types, all individually tailored to fit the proficiency and ability of the participants. The NACOS USER courses are based on the latest amendments to the respective standards and modules. Some of these training sessions can be applied for several generations of each unit. In our annual plan the NACOS USER training will cover NACOS generations xx‐4/5* and the latest Platinum* generation.

*The generation NACOS xx‐4/5 consists of : Chartpilot 93x0/1100 and Radar‐/Multipilot 1X00. Track‐ and Speedpilot
The generation NACOS Platinum consists of: ECDISPILOT, Multiplot Platinum, Radarpilot Platinum, Automation Platinum and the Track‐ and Speedpilot Platinum.

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