Wärtsilä NACOS TRACKPILOT Platinum

Technological advances in ship control have raised the standards in economic, efficient and reliable vessel management. As a result, the demand is greater than ever for highly accurate automated steering to optimize vessel performance whilst reducing the crew workload.

Wärtsilä successfully combines decades of experience in heading and track control with the benefits of modern platform technologies and innovative user centered design. Thus we can provide navigators with a reliable copilot for the most demanding navigational situations.

    Functional Package “Heading Control”
    • Heading mode according to the heading control standard
    • Intuitive and easy to operate remotely from RADARPILOT/ECDISPILOT/MULTIPILOT (joystick control)
    • Radius control with display of curved heading line
    • Use of adaptive algorithms based on the internal ship’s model
    • Operates with various rudder/propulsion types
    • Adjustable from precise to tolerant control (economy)
    • Consistent alarm management within all sub-systems of the Platinum series.
    Functional Package “Track Control”
    • All “Heading Control“ features
    • Course mode (compensation of drift)
    • Track mode according to IMO/IEC track control standard category C
    • Remote maintenance function
    • Optional speed control
    • Optional anchor control
    Track mode In track mode the Trackpilot is steering along a sequence of waypoints. Wind and current are considered and a drift correction angle will be calculated.
    Anchor control mode Monitoring of the anchorage and automatic control of stern thrusters to keep the vessel on its heading and position.
    Speed control - arrival mode An arrival time is set for the destination and the system will calculate automatically the required set speed in order to reach the destination at the defined time.

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