Wärtsilä NACOS MULTIPILOT Platinum

A MULTIPILOT work station combines all navigational tools, including RADARPILOT, ECDISPILOT, CONNINGPILOT, TRACKPILOT and even an integrated DP/joystick control and automation into a single, compact work station. It is the universal solution providing all information for the reliable, safe and easy operation of a vessel. It is easy to use and provides clear, consistent and intuitive handling.

    Multipilot Function
    • Combined IP radar / ECDIS
    • High-resolution, wide-screen displays
    • Built-in radar interswitch
    • Tracking of up to 40 radar and 200 AIS targets
    • Automatic clutter suppression
    • Enhanced small target detection
    • Chart data bases
      • ENC S57/S63
      • Admiralty AVCS/ARCS
      • C-Map CM93-3
    • Chart maintenance based on real-time update
    • 5 different brightness settings for day and night
    • Favourite user settings
    • Man overboard button
    • S-Mode
    • Advanced route and schedule planning
    • Separate ECDIS layer for User (includes areas for mariner's notes)
    • Type approved as MKD for AIS SAAB R5
    • Integrated VDR display and operation of VDR 4360
    • Easy to operate either by trackball or functional radar keyboard
    • Online operators manual and user help function
    Advanced Multipilot Functions

    Upgrade your MULTIPILOT with additional functionality via a simple software licence. A fast trouble-free procedure adapts your system to specific needs and highly advanced features.

    • All "MULTIPILOT" features
    • On screen NAVTEX updates
    • Tides and current information
    • Remote maintenance function
    • Integrated conning page
    • Output for conning display
    Radar Merging
    The Wärtsilä NACOS RADARPILOT Platinum can be upgraded with a type approved option for multi antenna operation. In case of coverage limitations, for example due to the vessels superstructure or cargo arrangement, radar images of different antennas from the same type can be combined. All radar functions such as acquisition, trail and others remain working. A typical configuration is the combination of a bow radar and stern radar antenna.
    Wärtsilä NACOS RADARPILOT Platinum - Certificate for Radar Merging
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    Wärtsilä NACOS RADARPILOT Platinum - 1
    High Speed (HSC) Capabilities
    All types of radar transceivers are available with dual speed gearboxes for high speed craft (HSC) applications. A double refresh rate is also helpful in small passages and gives enhancements of target detection algorithms, e.g. at helicopter approach.
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    Software Compliance List Radar & ECDIS Products
    List of type approved Wärtsilä SAM ECDIS versions and their appropriate IMO / IEC / IHO Standards
    Wärtsilä NACOS Compliance List 2016-04
    List of type approved Wärtsilä NACOS Platinum Radar versions and their appropriate IMO / IEC / IHO Standards
    Platinum RADAR Compliance List 2017

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