Wärtsilä R5 Supreme AIS

The Wärtsilä R5 Supreme AIS supports the officer on watch by providing detailed target and traffic information. To optimise the benefits of the AIS the information will be displayed on the main navigation equipment. In an Integrated Bridge System the display of the AIS data and the operation of the transponder takes place at the navigation workplace. The information will be available on all installed NACOS Platinum navigation displays. The Wärtsilä R5 Supreme AIS is suitable for integration into bridge systems or for retrofit.

    Key Features
    • Features cutting-edge digital radio technology, resulting from many years of research into software defined radios (SDR).
    • Sharing radio technology with military grade systems, the R5 Supreme technology is a leap forward into the future of AIS radios.
    • User-friendly operation
    • Complete integration with Wärtsilä NACOS Platinum
    • Minimum Keyboard and Display (MKD) type approval for following systems
      • Wärtsilä RADARPILOT Platinum
      • Wärtsilä MULTIPILOT Platinum
      • Wärtsilä ECDISPILOT Platinum
      • Wärtsilä ECDISPILOT Basic
    • 1 W low power mode for tankers according to TSG (Tanker Safety Guide) and ISGOTT (International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminal)
    • Optional: Hot-standby redundancy with two AIS
    • Optional: Selection of Silent mode or 1 W mode by means of external switch
      • This mode selection is not allowed for normal SOLAS operation

    The R5 Supreme AIS works fully autonomous and allows the nautical officer to

    • Identify each radar target by its correlating AIS identification
    • Merge AIS target with ARPA target data (on request)
    • Contact other vessels directly by using the call sign or MMSI number
    • Receive an instant overview of the traffic situation and manoeuvres of other vessels
    • Coordinate actions of collision avoidance without delay
    • Concentrate on navigation and collision avoidance in coastal waters, due to this additional workload due to communication, VHF messages to the VTS at the reporting points and other vessels is done by the AIS automatically
    • Get detailed target information even when no radar contact is available due to restricted environmental conditions
    • Compensate radar problems like target swopping or inaccurate heading information
    • Reach automatically aids to navigation for the area where the vessel is operating
    • Get real-time ROT information
    • 1 W mode for non-tankers is of interest for operating in an ATEX-environment
    • Silent mode is of particular interest for coastguard vessels

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